Playpens are safe and comfortable environments for your child to play in. They are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to fit most room layouts.

Most play pens are available with a cushioned floor section and bars or netting around the sides of the pen to give your child a safe and comfortable place to play.

Traditional wooden, plastic, folding metal and mesh playpens are available with easy to follow instructions and safety warnings.  They are available as square, rectangular, circular and hexagonal designs.

baby playpen

Often parents or carers of small children need to pop to another room or have a quick task to undertake and need to place their child in a safe and welcoming environment. Play pens are ideal for this as they ensure little ones can’t come to harm.

If children are allowed to free roam when you aren’t watching them, accidents can happen very quickly. Research shows that small breaks of contact from your child can help your child grow emotionally and some amount of time but not extended periods of time out of your arms and eye line in a playpen can be beneficial.

Play pens can be used in a variety of ways including a safe place for nap time, independent play time, beach trips and visiting families homes.

As with any piece of baby equipment care needs to be exercised when using a play pen. The safety mark BS EN 12227:1997 should be on the equipment. Regular cleaning and checking non-child friendly items haven’t fallen or accidentally been placed in the pen is also important.  Ensure the playpen is not placed near a window and that drapes, blinds and cords cannot be reached.

Ensure that babysitters and other caregivers understand how to correctly set up your playpen.

 Baby Playpen Examples


All Stars HEX Baby Playpen